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Slovanet's IPTV service has undergone extensive modernization from nangu.TV

The new version of IPTV platform from nangu.TV provides Slovanet's customers with better stability, comfortable functionality, and modern design

Viewers of the Slovak operator Slovanet now have even more attractive and quality digital television. Slovanet, an important provider of telecommunication services and information technologies, has brought them a great deal of modernization of the existing IPTV platform for digital television. The Czech software company nangu.TV, which Slovanet has been cooperating with for over 10 years, stands behind its development and implementation. After successful migration to the latest version of the TV platform and tuning its settings, the customers may already fully enjoy a better experience of their favorite TV service.

The main attractions of the newly upgraded platform include, above all, the stability of the data stream. Viewers can experience it, for example, via continuous high-definition channel playback as well as the quick transition between individual TV channels while switching them. Another advantage of the entire platform is a higher level of security, which is substantial for the operator with regard to rising incidence of cyber-attacks. The most visible change is an entirely new, visually modern and elegant user interface with simplified access to multiple features that other broadcasters in the region have migrated to.

"These technological improvements bring benefit to both the operator and the end customer who will get a better watching experience. As a frequent TV viewer, I see the needs and expectations of the audience from my own experience. The modern viewer is once again more demanding than ever before but thanks to nangu.TV technology, his growing demands can be met. I thank Slovanet for the trust it puts into nangu.TV solution and I believe that the benefits of the upgraded TV service will also be appreciated by its viewers,” adds Tomáš Paděra, business and marketing director of nangu.TV.

"We are excited to cooperate with on providing our customers with further innovation and improvement in the form of service with enhanced stability and new stylish user interface with full HD support. Most customers have quickly become accustomed to the modernization of design and control - the biggest in recent years - and there has been a positive feedback on their side. We also appreciate that the new platform ensures better compatibility with new devices and will enable us to bring new features in the future," says Beáta Sádecká, product manager in Slovanet.

nangu.TV took part in the KIKE conference in Poland

Last week nangu.TV took part in the KIKE conference in Poland, where our platform did really well in the broad competition of medium and small IPTV players from Poland!

Many potential customers took the Arris set-top box with Matte Box configuration, which nangu.TV  strongly supported.

Matte Box was also the silver sponsor of the KIKE conference.

IBC 2017 Flashback

It was the fifth time nangu.TV used a great opportunity to be a part of the IBC Exhibition, which takes place at RAI Amsterdam. It is an event where attendees from all over the world ponder over revolution in the production and distribution of entertainment. Simply, it is a meeting point that is full of the latest technology, innovation, and business, which we just cannot miss!

The IBC chief executive, Michael Crimp, said: “IBC 2017 celebrated its 50th anniversary with record attendance, bustling exhibition halls, new features, and a dynamic conference.” and we can surely confirm his words. We would like to express our contentment not just with high attendance, which was 57,699 across the six-day event, but the main satisfaction comes also with the increasing quality and influence of the broadcasting business.

We enjoyed presentation of our latest live demo and the whole new redesign, which you can also check out in our news section. It was pleasing to meet such a lot of business delegates and lead many invigorating conversations. We are happy to have this good opportunity to strengthen relations with our existing clients and even potential new ones. The great number of visitors caused much higher traffic at our stand, which made us even more satisfied.

Thank you, everyone who stopped by! We know that the time at IBC is quite limited, so if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to answer them. We are looking forward to see you again next year and, of course, newly innovated!

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O2 TV breaks viewership record with nangu.TV media platform

The live airing of the recent Prague football derby between Sparta and Slavia, facilitated by means of the quality nangu.TV media platform marks a record-breaking event in modern television broadcasting. 

The nangu.TV-developed media platform provides O2 TV service to O2 subscribers, bringing continuous transmission to large-scale audiences.

The autumn Sparta-Slavia Prague football derby was watched by some 239,000 viewers, breaking the record for the largest viewing audience in the history of O2 TV digital television. The previous record for volume of transmitted data also fell.

"With the match being seen by a total of 239 thousand viewers, we surpassed the record set by the spring derby. The records for daily tariff sales and data transmission, through application and mobile broadcasting starting late afternoon on Sunday, also fell. The maximum transmission speed reached 153 Gbps, which is 66% more than the spring derby,” says David Duroň, Director of O2 TV.

By means of the media platform from nangu.TV, O2 TV subscribers could watch the match on their set-top boxes, computers, and mobile devices as well as the HbbTV application. The broadcast confirmed the growing trend in the use of the O2 HbbTV application.

"We are developing solutions for a variety of operators of various sizes and with differing needs. I believe, in conjunction with our partner O2, we transmitted to viewers other record-breaking events that go down in the history of television viewing by means of the Internet,” adds Zdeněk Gerlický, CEO of nangu.TV.

The number of viewers of the live O2 TV broadcast of the local derby was four times more than typical prime-time viewership. The nangu.TV media platform operating in the OTT environment ran completely problem-free.

The nangu.TV-developed platforms are created by their own code and use a combination of technologies such as C++, Java and Python. The firm works with state-of-the-art technologies that enable operators to provide a stable and secure platform that also allows distribution of service to audiences from dozens up to millions of viewers. 

nangu.TV is presenting comprehensive UI redesign at IBC

The IBC Exhibition is coming soon and we are finalizing our plans to entertain you at our booth!

The nangu.TV team will be showcasing the next generation products and live demo of our latest innovations. It will consist of new releases and one of the most visible ones is a complete redesign of UI made not only for AppleTV. You can see a short illustration of the modern design in the picture below and then you can take a better opportunity to see and try it in person at IBC hall 14.J15

Our new UI provides multiple solutions for next generation features, which bring many advantages for your end-users. The main point we took care of is an easy and comfy use.

Here is a selection of our enhanced features: 


We are now able to aggregate movies and TV shows from numerous sources. If the same movie is available in more than one VOD library and also happens to appear in the EPG, the system recognizes all occurrences and displays all of them as a single entity. The end user can choose the source of entity (movie, program) to play.


Thanks to the feature of Aggregation, users have an abundance of movies and TV shows from which to choose every night. Because of this huge amount of content, we customize recommendations which help users to efficiently go through the content in order to make the best choice of what to watch.


With our platform, users do not need to log in several times. Thanks to cloud technology, we connect user devices in order to simplify the sign-on process.


No matter how big your VoD database is or how many different content providers you have, we can place it all on a platform separately or together to provide the best customer experience.

Besides our cutting edge invention, you can meet our highly appreciated delegates and hostess, who are looking forward to talking to you in person or just hang around the booth for a while.

nangu.TV as IBC Innovation Award Entrant

nangu.Tv is participating in the IBC Innovation Award Competition. We have designed quite a lot of new solutions and features recently. So we have chosen a specific one which we use frequently in order to improve the end users‘ experience while searching for their wished content. It is our Automatic Aggregation System (AAS) which explores every single item in a program guide, VOD, and other content of the platform. After that, AAS works with all the data smartly and highly selectively.

Other very useful functions are duplication of missing facts from other spots, database records amendment, and recognition of audiovisual items – movies, TV episodes, or live events. This all together creates a user friendly simple guide to the content availability specified also by timing, quality, or paid and free versions. AAS gives users a easy guide to the content, which is available right now, will be played in near future or will expire soon.  

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