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nangu.TV is presenting comprehensive UI redesign at IBC

The IBC Exhibition is coming soon and we are finalizing our plans to entertain you at our booth!

The nangu.TV team will be showcasing the next generation products and live demo of our latest innovations. It will consist of new releases and one of the most visible ones is a complete redesign of UI made not only for AppleTV. You can see a short illustration of the modern design in the picture below and then you can take a better opportunity to see and try it in person at IBC hall 14.J15

Our new UI provides multiple solutions for next generation features, which bring many advantages for your end-users. The main point we took care of is an easy and comfy use.

Here is a selection of our enhanced features: 


We are now able to aggregate movies and TV shows from numerous sources. If the same movie is available in more than one VOD library and also happens to appear in the EPG, the system recognizes all occurrences and displays all of them as a single entity. The end user can choose the source of entity (movie, program) to play.


Thanks to the feature of Aggregation, users have an abundance of movies and TV shows from which to choose every night. Because of this huge amount of content, we customize recommendations which help users to efficiently go through the content in order to make the best choice of what to watch.


With our platform, users do not need to log in several times. Thanks to cloud technology, we connect user devices in order to simplify the sign-on process.


No matter how big your VoD database is or how many different content providers you have, we can place it all on a platform separately or together to provide the best customer experience.

Besides our cutting edge invention, you can meet our highly appreciated delegates and hostess, who are looking forward to talking to you in person or just hang around the booth for a while.

nangu.TV as IBC Innovation Award Entrant

nangu.Tv is participating in the IBC Innovation Award Competition. We have designed quite a lot of new solutions and features recently. So we have chosen a specific one which we use frequently in order to improve the end users‘ experience while searching for their wished content. It is our Automatic Aggregation System (AAS) which explores every single item in a program guide, VOD, and other content of the platform. After that, AAS works with all the data smartly and highly selectively.

Other very useful functions are duplication of missing facts from other spots, database records amendment, and recognition of audiovisual items – movies, TV episodes, or live events. This all together creates a user friendly simple guide to the content availability specified also by timing, quality, or paid and free versions. AAS gives users a easy guide to the content, which is available right now, will be played in near future or will expire soon.  

Meet us at IBC 2017

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at IBC, which is annually held in RAI Amsterdam. It is a very prestigious industry conference for European broadcasters, where we will be showcasing our latest innovations. Make sure you can come between September 15th and 19th to get-together with us at our venue, which is placed traditionally at the hall 14. You can check our place here, the stand name is J15

We are looking forward to welcoming you in person and explaining to you more about our comprehensive all in one IPTV/OTT media entertainment platform.

nangu.TV Sales Team

nangu.TV participated at CO@FIT

This year it was the fourth time when nangu.TV was a partner of the CO@FIT career conference at Faculty of Information Technology in Prague. It is an event, which enables students to meet leading companies in their industrial field. 

Nangu.TV's presence here stands for an opportunity to meet young upcoming IT generation. A team of our leading operators and developers brought in a prospective approach of IPTV/OTT platforms. They introduced the nangu.TV's media platform to students and discussed our interactive TV solution with full multi-screen functionalities and extendable multi-tenant capabilities. The debate consisted also of forthcoming possibilities of the home entertainment.

Our delegates who attended the conference this year evaluated the event as a good meeting place where we can get a feedback from student’s view of the technological trends in shaping the future. Moreover, suitable candidates can join our development division and participate in formulation of modern ways how to distribute TV content. 

The pictures bellow show a friendly atmosphere and our presenting team.

nangu.TV has extended the cooperation with Swisscom

We are proud to announce that years of cooperation with Swisscom have resulted in a new project – a platform specialised for the live streaming of media conferences, in which Swisscom's nangu.TV video platform mediates the archiving and streaming of broadcasts from Federal Palace Media Centre. This is our second project in the broadcasting segment and when we compare this area with  traditional IPTV and OTT projects, it represents a new scope of our expertise. Importantly, interoperability of the nangu.TV platform with global CDN providers allows achieving great scalability and a global reach of the service.

Swisscom is a long-standing partner of our company. This beneficial partnership began in 2010 when Swisscom became our first client in Western Europe. They decided to use the nangu.TV’s innovative and comprehensive platform to be able to provide IPTV B2B services to smaller ISPs. The main goal of the new project was to ensure live streaming of the Swiss Federal Council's media conferences .

Swisscom has been providing streaming of broadcasts from the Federal Palace in the past.  In 2016, Swisscom decided to completely redesign the platform it had been using for several years: The user's GUI (director's web application) as well as the video platform, and for the latter, they chose nangu.TV. The main goal for the video platform was to capture and store recordings of live broadcast press conferences, and open up recordings and live broadcasts of conferences on theSwiss Federal Chancellery's website. Moreover, our developers also successfully installed new types of streamers and managed a seamless integration with CDN Akamai.

The solution is designed in such a way that Swisscom provides a video link for its customer's website. The videos are then streamed from Swisscom's nangu.TV platform. In the case an administrator wants to create an event or session, a nangu.TV platform API is called by the web application that Swisscom built for the purpose of directing live media conferences. This API commits a command to create a record by time period. This record is held in the storage until the demand of deletion. 

To summarize that, we are pleased that we have extended the scope of cooperation with such an important customer as Swisscom is. We look forward to new projects and challenges.

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nangu.TV appoints new CEO

nangu.TV is pleased to announce that a significant change in the top management of the company has been made.

From 1 November 2016 Zdeněk Gerlický has been appointed CEO of the company and also its Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has been working at the company since 2007. For the last four years, he held the position of the CTO. He was responsible for successful implementation of our projects, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Under his leadership, nangu.TV will be a part of TV transformation as well as a change of the way how television is watched. In this position, he will concentrate on further development of the platform, consolidation of the dominant position on the Czech and Slovak markets, and success on other markets.

"I highly appreciate this vote of confidence and I look forward to working together with all my colleagues to continue building nangu.TV as the leading provider of multimedia platforms," said Zdeněk Gerlický.

Michal Kožíšek, who temporarily held the position of CEO, will move to the Supervisory Board. 

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