TV in your customers' hands – with Live TV, Timeshift TV and recordings

  • Watching VoD anywhere, at any time
  • A fully multi-screen world – your customers don't follow the content; the content follows them
  • Designed for use on Android and iOS
  • Multiple DRM support

With the same design and features as a tablet

Available on the iPhone App Store Android APP on Google play


Turning your customers' tablets into TVs – watching what they want, wherever they want

  • Attractively crafted design
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Designed for the latest Android and iOS devices
  • Skinnable into a variety of options

With the same design and features as a mobile phone

Available on the iPhone App Store Android APP on Google play


Letting your customers control their TV viewing experience – Live TV, Timeshift TV, VoD, recordings and much more

  • Sleek, attractive UI with available content always visible in the background
  • Customizable to your service with multiple skins from which to choose
  • Making your or external video techs readily available to your customers
  • Providing your customers with a set of fully multi-screen features on their TVs
  • Optimal use of banners for presenting content and offers to your customers
  • Easily extendable with new services

Web portal

The web browser-based portal is another way in which a customer can use the nangu.TV platform, offering similar functionality as an STB or mobile application.

  • Attractively crafted design
  • Supports modern browsers
  • Channel list management 
  • Fast Loading
  • Movies section and Welcome screen
  • Web Portal customization
  • Parental lock

Available on the iPhone App Store Android APP on Google play

IPTV/OTT backend

  • Multiple DRM support for both OTT and DVB-C

  • Streamers with multicast and OTT delivery

  • Support for multi-profile (or multi-bitrate) storage and delivery

  • High performance components allowing you to optimize your IPTV network performance

  • Operator-grade performance, scalability and high availability

  • Scalable VoD acquisition system

Business logic

  • Allowing the creation, defining and assigning of your own TV offerings                                   

  • Easily accessible through the administration web UI

  • Integratable with your admin UI through our nangu.TV admin interface

  • Easy integration with existing billing interfaces

  • Enabling you to administer your entire service from a single location

  • High performance and scalability

  • Easy administration of multiple IPTV services provided as B2B