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nangu.TV is an interactive IPTV platform that provides added features to basic live TV.



nangu.TV is a comprehensive solution that delivers interactive TV services anywhere and for anyone. We are an end to end IPTV and OTT provider. Take control of what to watch, when and on what device. 


nangu.TV is a very flexible platform for building a complete set of Interactive TV services. Various internet providers and operators take advantage of our solution. 


Our goal is to provide highly competitive multimedia services. The custom made platform is adaptive, scalable, interactive, and OTT. 


Even after implementation, we remain very hands on to help you manage your Platform. We take pride in being reliable and available for you. 

nangu.TV's CEO presenting at TVCON 2014

Jakub's speech on the present and the future of interactive TV will be held on the 16th April as a part of the TVCON 2014 event.

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See you next year at TV Connect 2015.

Visit nangu.TV at TV Connect 2014 in London!


18th - 20th March 2014, Grand Hall, Olympia, London, stand #128

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This years' show has given us a chance to meet many interesting contacts and demonstrate that our solution has a lot to offer. We have also been nominated and shorlisted for the TV Connect Awards in the "Best Service Delivery Platform for IP TV & OTT TV" category.